London June 2012


I submitted my first sculptural piece to the Threadneedle art Prize (Container 1 on my sculptural page) and was pre-selected from a photo, much to my surprise. This meant that I would have to drive the piece down to the Mall Galleries for viewing by the panel as it was too awkward a shape to give to a carrier. Stupid me. I swithered and weighed up the pros and cons but decided I had to give it a go. The piece wasn’t selected for exhibition but I had a brilliant weekend in London, steeping myself in exhibitions and street-life.  I constantly deal with rejection in the various bits and bobs of work I submit here and there and it’s always disappointing, but being rejected for a piece of work you feel slightly embarrassed about is a lot less bad than being rejected for something you feel to be your greatest creative endeavour ever  (I have yet to produce anything that could be filed in that category but you get might point).

I bought  Harold Pinter’s Various Voices which refreshed my sanity on tube and bus. Love London now I’m not living there. Must go more often.


Morning walk at John Muir country park. Given that it had rained incessantly for the previous two days I should have known better than to wear rubber shoes with holes. My squeak could be heard for miles. But barefoot through the bog was …mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. So follow me, follow, down to the hooollloww and there we will wallow in glooooorrrrious mud, mud, glorious mud……..

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