Thanks Shetland


Thanks to Kathy and Stuart Hubbard of The Shetland Film Festival (Screenplay) and also to Mary Blance and Robert Alan Jamieson, for one of the best experiences of my life. We toured the film Nort Atlantik Drift: A Portrait of Robert Alan Jamieson to the distant corners of Shetland, in village halls in Sandness and Fair Isle, in the cultural hub of Mareel in Lerwick, to the kids of Brae High.  Folk turned out for the screenings in good number, and the feedback was amazing. We talked about landscape and dialect and shared ideas of how poetry and film can tell us so much about ourselves. We met some incredible people, and saw some awe-inspiring sights. The weather was sunny and still, so still on Fair Isle that the power from the wind towers was zero. Candles came out and whisky was drunk. Pretty much gobsmacked by the whole thing. Here’s a few photies.

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One thought on “Thanks Shetland

  1. Some cracking pics there, Susan. Sounds like you had a fine time in the Shetland Isles – I’m particularly jealous of your visit to Ultima Thule.

    It must be immensely gratifying to have had a good turnout for the screenings of NAD. All that work – for something!

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